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Clarity Pool Service has the manpower, equipment  and technical experience to maintain & repair your Pool and Spa to your highest expectations.

Our Pool Services are tailored to your home, needs, and AZ backyard lifestyle!

Clarity Pool Service can help you save energy and environmental impact by only using the necessary circulation settings to maintain your pool, as well as the newest Environmentally Friendly "green" chemicals and filter elements to minimize waste and potential health impact.

Typical pool services use cheap bulk sanitation chemicals with high profit margins, and don't consider the long term impact of older filter elements such as "DE" (Diatomaceous Earth) which is a known Carcinogen, and the most commonly used filter element outside of Cartridge.  

At Clarity Pool Service, we use only the highest quality pool additives with the least environmental impact - our goal is to ensure that your Pool is not just clean, it has perfect clarity! 

Clarity Pool Service
Chandler, Arizona
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