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Clarity Pool Service offers the following services as part of our Weekly Package: 

Skim Pool Surface

Hand Brush Pool Walls & Steps

Empty Pool Skimmer / Leaf Basket

Inspect and Lube O-Rings Where Neccesary

Back Wash as Needed

Salt Cell Monitoring
Check Pool Chemistry /Add Chemicals as Neccesary

Inspect Pool Equipment

Check and set Pool Timers

Optional Services:

Pool Cartridge Removal & Yearly Cleaning

         Basic Pool Repairs and Replacement Parts / Work

        Premium Services:

          Pool Draining / Pressure Wash / Acid Wash / Refill
         & Conditioning

         Pressure Washing - Patio, Pool Deck, Lawn Furniture   
         (Holiday or Party ready cleaning)

         Design & Construction Assistance

          "Same Day" Emergency Service 

          Green Pool / Reposession Restoration - One Day
          Service Available 

          Bank / Realtor Short Term Maintenance
          Pool Repair, Filter & Pump Installation, Leak Repair

          Tile Cleaning / Bead Blasting / Media Sanding /
          Scale Removal

                                      We do it all!

Please contact us today for a free in home estimate of your Pool & Spa needs.


Clarity Pool Service
Chandler, Arizona



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